Go90Grow Live Kauai 2016

I’m sitting in the back of a 757 returning home from spending a week in Kauai with some amazing people.  As I’m in my seat on the first leg of my flight home I teared up and cried out o…

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MKMMA Week 23 – This Has Been Quite the Road Trip

MKMMA Week 23 – This Has Been Quite the Road Trip

“We have discovered that premeditated, orderly thinking for a purpose matures that purpose into fixed form, so that we may be absolutely sure of the result of our dynamic experiment.” ~ Francis Larimer Warner

In my workplace they encourage us to “think outside the box.”

As long as our outside the box stays within the box, we are encouraged to express our opinions and speak up and think outside the box.   young-girl-perplexed

Say what??????

I have never been the type of traveler through life who wants to stay on any kind of tour bus on the main road. I want to explore places from the unknown, the inside, off the beaten track. I want to get my clothes and feet dirty. Delving into new experiences, meeting new friends along the way, I want to be invited to enter their houses through back doors.

Speaking for myself, at this time last year, before starting the Masterkey, I was in an awful slump. I had to find a way out.  I had become homogenized……just like everyone in the little boxes around me day after day.


In 1971, my brand new husband and I took a trip across Canada in a VW Bug. It was the type of thing that every 20-year-old wanted to be known for doing last summer.

At every stop we met people our age. Finding common interests with many, we would share rooms we couldn’t afford on our own, washers and dryers in the Laundromat, legs of our journey, and many meals and campfires. One evening, a group of us decided we wanted to have a nice dinner at the Chateau Lake Louise, but none of us could meet the requirements of the Chateau’s restaurant dress code if left to our own resources. Brainstorming as an alliance :-), six of us gathered all our belongings and put together several outfits that would pass inspection so we could all go have a meal in a place that looked, to us, like someplace a prince and princess would dine. Some of our outfits were a bit strange, but we did pass inspection and had our feast to remember.

This past six months taking the course has reminded me of that summer of exploration and meeting new friends. I wish I could express through words here the amount of knowledge I have gotten from the Masterkey Experience. I can’t. The knowledge is indefinite. It keeps on coming. I  see the same things, hear the same things, taste the same things; but now, my perspective is so much different that my entire world is like Springtime when everything is in bloom.

The Universe gives me permission to be myself, to do whatever I want both inside and outside of the box. Parts of my life that a year ago I felt were circumstances unsolvable, have been solving themselves. I am living life on a whole new level. I am a brand new sponge soaking up everything and am feeling so full of life!

I am giving more. I am seeing more kindness. I am seeing more positive.

This course has revived me from my hibernation in the box where I felt depleted and just plain BLAH.

I know what it takes to be exceptional and I am being……quite exceptional.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark, The Fab D, Derek, Trish, my coach Dayna, and the whole rest of the team. YOU ARE AWESOME! This is only the beginning.


MKMMA Week 22A – Foreshadowing

MKMMA Week 22A – Foreshadowing

This week, spending a day in silence, I was taken back to many events in my life as the rain fell softly and steadily out my window.

The silence was so pure. It was magic!

There have been so many parts of myself that I have rediscovered during this MKMMA journey. Where did I go?

Music has a huge impact on me. I get lost in the melody and the words. Songs and musicians I once loved and forgot about, like Leonard Cohen, have been rediscovered. His haunting gravelly voice and lyrics play in the background to help percolate words as I write this blog.

So many events of my life somehow got lost in the blur; the blur that is that dash between the date I was born and the date I will die. Books and authors I once loved and then forgot about in the blur, are being revived in my soul for they are a part of my core, my essential need.

Once upon a time, I was a college student majoring in English Literature/Writing and I was introduced to Emerson. His writings pierced my heart then. His writings pierce my heart now. I could have been piercing my heart all these years with the emotion and the feeling. Instead, I allowed myself to become numb.

“To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men, — that is genius.” ~ Emerson

After my silence I found myself pulling college texts covered with dust off of shelves to find things that served, without my knowledge with the first passing through my life, as foreshadowing. I had to go there. It was a part of my personal journey. The foreshadowing had been written into the script………so many moons ago.

With all three of my sons I recognized considerable foreshadowing in what they currently do and the things they were drawn to as they were growing. I was watching their movies unfold.

It wasn’t until just recently that I began learning from every moment in my own past…..and I mean every brutal moment. Now, many seeds planted in my past have begun to rise up and grow leaves.

The DMP I wrote 6 months ago was written by my old self. I’m an entirely different person now. I now know I deserve those things I didn’t feel deserving of before.

Mark has called this journey a “Push-Pull-athon.” That relationship that we have with ourselves, that we swear is over, only to find ourselves in a “push-pull-athon” for a couple weeks or months.

For several weeks prior to this my sits have been very distracted. In fact, my whole being has been distracted! My day of silence helped me get back on track.

My coffee table is free of everything except my Masterkey notebooks. They are easy to access and available at all times whenever I have a whim to find something. They have become who I am. leonard cohen


MKMMA Week 22 – One Step Forward & Two Steps Back?

MKMMA Week 22 – One Step Forward & Two Steps Back?

Og’s scrolls always seem to be perfectly timed with the emotions I’ve got going on. He’s been down this road first.emotions 2

(This emotions chart is exactly like where I work….Except they’ve got us in cubes instead of little boxes…LOL.)

I’ve been feeling extremely annoyed lately, that when I go to my job, I have to actually do the work they want me to do. I’ve called in sick and taken more vacation days in the last few months, than in my entire adult life.

I just want to read my Og, and write my blog………and grab my walking stick so I can follow the path of my own Hero’s Journey.

I look back at the growth I’ve achieved in the last six months. Tears! Emotions! It’s a flood! Here I am at work writing my blog (I’ve been practicing Pareto’s Principle) and I’m starting to cry. LOL. So much growth! I just love it! It feels so good!

A football friend of mine told me that sometimes losing a battle helps you find a new way to win the war.  I will win this war!!!!!! It’s fact that we all have the power within to achieve great things!

Every once in a while we take one step forward and two steps back. So what. If we are driving and we find ourselves going down the wrong street we make a U-turn. Right?

Same thing. No big deal. It’s all a part of the journey.

Heroes journey

I know in previous blogs I’ve kind of gone on and on about how I’m not a morning person, and how it’s never been easy for me to wake up early.

This is a part of my growth: I’ve been waking up early.

At first I thought my waking up was just a fluke. But then it happened for a full week, and now it’s happened for an entire month. I’m finally embracing each morning with love and I’m feeling so alive.

Secondly, I no longer feel blindsided by my PPNs or my DMP. I feel worthy and emotional about everything. I cry about everything because it’s so exciting. It’s such a good thing! My anger is stronger than my fear, my guilt, my hurt feelings. I no longer have unworthiness because it has been replaced by worthiness. No wonder I’m waking up early and embracing each day with love.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing,” said Walt Disney.

I want to help people learn to dream of the life they would like to live, to go chase that dream, and to catch it. I want them to know they can actually have their life.

I’m so blessed that I absolutely must start with myself first. I love this journey!


MKMMA Week 21 -We are Predestined to Achieve Greater Things

MKMMA Week 21 -We are Predestined to Achieve Greater Things

Thomas A. Edison said, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Here in the Master Key, we all have different dreams & different definite major purposes. However, we are all in the journey together. We are not alone.


Coming to California in the early 1860’s. What did that take?

My great grandmother’s family did that.

They began the wagon portion of their journey from St. Louis, Missouri. Their destination was Los Angeles, California. Most pioneers who travelled West in the 1860’s did so because of the Homestead Act of 1862. This act encouraged 600,000 families to settle the West by giving the settlers land (usually 160 acres) almost free. They had to live on and improve the land for five years.

In the case of my great grandmother’s parents, they settled along the Santa Ana Riverbed (now cement), on land that is now consumed by tract homes and the 605 freeway in Norwalk, California. Upon their arrival to the area they built a large two-story farm house that stood until 1971, roughly 100 years. They almost immediately began the task of planting orange trees as far as the eye could see on their 100+ acres of extremely fertile sandy-loam topsoil.

I remember the groves from my childhood before my grandmother passed. They were spectacular!

At the time of the journey, my great grandmother was three and her younger sister was two. The family also had seven older sons. It is rumored that one of the boys kept a journal, but no one has ever found one.

These people had no bathrooms, no running water, no beds to themselves, no heating, no air conditioning, no communication with anyone outside of the wagon train except an occasional Pony Express rider. In St. Louis they had a relatively comfortable life, but they wanted more.

I think about what they had to endure, how dedicated and motivated they had to be toward their definite major purpose. It brings tears to my eyes and humbles me because my journey is so easy in comparison.

CW interior

The moment in this weeks webcast when Davene told our group we are genetically predisposed to achieve greater things because we come from descendants who have achieved greater things……that moment was monumental for me. Davene’s words, with great clarity, resonate in my head.

It is from that moment I have known without any question, without any doubt, that I can achieve great things. Together we can all achieve great things. However, like many others here doing the Master Key I’ve been feeling a good deal of incoming separation anxiety.

I have thought about the story of my great-grandmother’s parents and asked myself, “What did they need to do on a daily basis to keep their dream alive?” No doubt they experienced guilt, anger, hurt feelings, fear, unworthiness before, after, and along the way.

One thing is certain, they had an alliance. They did not plan the journey alone or make the journey alone. They had every other family, every other person travelling in the same wagon train for support. Collectively they used any negative feelings for motivation. Collectively they achieved great things.

We have seen how powerful alliances directed toward one focus can be during Kindness Week. For all the pioneers……..each pioneer in the journey, regardless of each person’s dream once they reached their final destination in California, they were all in the journey to get there together. They had one another.



MKMMA Week 20 – We Choose to Go to The Moon!

MKMMA Week 20 – We Choose to Go to The Moon!

“We Choose to go to the Moon.” Does anyone here remember that speech by John F. Kennedy in 1962?

What if we had chosen to not go to the moon? What if we simply thought about it and made no decision about it at all? What if that ugly F-word, fear (1) the word..yeah, that one….. had paralyzed us?

In 1962, going to the moon was not only a bit of a stretch, it was huge! I’m trying to remember if seat belts were even standard equipment in our cars.


In 1991, I bought this adorable, leggy, Polish-Arab filly named Teza. Teza was one-year old and had never been out of her pipe corral. Her entire world, as she had known it, consisted of what went on within the confines of her 20′ by 20′ world. Every need that she had known during her short and sheltered life had been met right there; nowhere else.

What do you think happened when I opened the gate of her known, to lead her out into her unknown?

That’s right. She planted her feet and used her entire body weight to not move. She came within one-inch of the boundary at the open corral gate and would not move any further. She called to the other horses for help. Her eyes widened and every inch of her body quivered with fear.

For Teza, the ground on the other side of that open gate may as well have been the edge of the world that dropped into a pit of vicious horse-eating monsters. She had no clue what existed one step from where she was standing, and she didn’t want to find out.

Hours of coaxing with molasses and over the top “good girling”, neck scratching and following a goat friend did finally get her to walk, on eggshells, the approximately 10′ from the corral to the trailer.

Once home, everything was new to her: trees she had never been close to or touched, the stream where she finally learned to drink and the coldness of the water, the open arena made from a type of fence she had never seen in which I let her learn to run free. For every little thing she would look at me, or she would look at my old & wise mare, and ask permission before she would face her fear, explore it, accept it, and respond to it.

Here’s a picture of Teza enjoying a run at age two:  TEZA

Such a cutie! Enjoying life outside of her fear.TEZA2


Face-it-explore-it If we choose, we have what it takes to all go to the moon and back.