“We have discovered that premeditated, orderly thinking for a purpose matures that purpose into fixed form, so that we may be absolutely sure of the result of our dynamic experiment.” ~ Francis Larimer Warner

In my workplace they encourage us to “think outside the box.”

As long as our outside the box stays within the box, we are encouraged to express our opinions and speak up and think outside the box.   young-girl-perplexed

Say what??????

I have never been the type of traveler through life who wants to stay on any kind of tour bus on the main road. I want to explore places from the unknown, the inside, off the beaten track. I want to get my clothes and feet dirty. Delving into new experiences, meeting new friends along the way, I want to be invited to enter their houses through back doors.

Speaking for myself, at this time last year, before starting the Masterkey, I was in an awful slump. I had to find a way out.  I had become homogenized……just like everyone in the little boxes around me day after day.


In 1971, my brand new husband and I took a trip across Canada in a VW Bug. It was the type of thing that every 20-year-old wanted to be known for doing last summer.

At every stop we met people our age. Finding common interests with many, we would share rooms we couldn’t afford on our own, washers and dryers in the Laundromat, legs of our journey, and many meals and campfires. One evening, a group of us decided we wanted to have a nice dinner at the Chateau Lake Louise, but none of us could meet the requirements of the Chateau’s restaurant dress code if left to our own resources. Brainstorming as an alliance :-), six of us gathered all our belongings and put together several outfits that would pass inspection so we could all go have a meal in a place that looked, to us, like someplace a prince and princess would dine. Some of our outfits were a bit strange, but we did pass inspection and had our feast to remember.

This past six months taking the course has reminded me of that summer of exploration and meeting new friends. I wish I could express through words here the amount of knowledge I have gotten from the Masterkey Experience. I can’t. The knowledge is indefinite. It keeps on coming. I  see the same things, hear the same things, taste the same things; but now, my perspective is so much different that my entire world is like Springtime when everything is in bloom.

The Universe gives me permission to be myself, to do whatever I want both inside and outside of the box. Parts of my life that a year ago I felt were circumstances unsolvable, have been solving themselves. I am living life on a whole new level. I am a brand new sponge soaking up everything and am feeling so full of life!

I am giving more. I am seeing more kindness. I am seeing more positive.

This course has revived me from my hibernation in the box where I felt depleted and just plain BLAH.

I know what it takes to be exceptional and I am being……quite exceptional.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mark, The Fab D, Derek, Trish, my coach Dayna, and the whole rest of the team. YOU ARE AWESOME! This is only the beginning.



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