Thomas A. Edison said, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Here in the Master Key, we all have different dreams & different definite major purposes. However, we are all in the journey together. We are not alone.


Coming to California in the early 1860’s. What did that take?

My great grandmother’s family did that.

They began the wagon portion of their journey from St. Louis, Missouri. Their destination was Los Angeles, California. Most pioneers who travelled West in the 1860’s did so because of the Homestead Act of 1862. This act encouraged 600,000 families to settle the West by giving the settlers land (usually 160 acres) almost free. They had to live on and improve the land for five years.

In the case of my great grandmother’s parents, they settled along the Santa Ana Riverbed (now cement), on land that is now consumed by tract homes and the 605 freeway in Norwalk, California. Upon their arrival to the area they built a large two-story farm house that stood until 1971, roughly 100 years. They almost immediately began the task of planting orange trees as far as the eye could see on their 100+ acres of extremely fertile sandy-loam topsoil.

I remember the groves from my childhood before my grandmother passed. They were spectacular!

At the time of the journey, my great grandmother was three and her younger sister was two. The family also had seven older sons. It is rumored that one of the boys kept a journal, but no one has ever found one.

These people had no bathrooms, no running water, no beds to themselves, no heating, no air conditioning, no communication with anyone outside of the wagon train except an occasional Pony Express rider. In St. Louis they had a relatively comfortable life, but they wanted more.

I think about what they had to endure, how dedicated and motivated they had to be toward their definite major purpose. It brings tears to my eyes and humbles me because my journey is so easy in comparison.

CW interior

The moment in this weeks webcast when Davene told our group we are genetically predisposed to achieve greater things because we come from descendants who have achieved greater things……that moment was monumental for me. Davene’s words, with great clarity, resonate in my head.

It is from that moment I have known without any question, without any doubt, that I can achieve great things. Together we can all achieve great things. However, like many others here doing the Master Key I’ve been feeling a good deal of incoming separation anxiety.

I have thought about the story of my great-grandmother’s parents and asked myself, “What did they need to do on a daily basis to keep their dream alive?” No doubt they experienced guilt, anger, hurt feelings, fear, unworthiness before, after, and along the way.

One thing is certain, they had an alliance. They did not plan the journey alone or make the journey alone. They had every other family, every other person travelling in the same wagon train for support. Collectively they used any negative feelings for motivation. Collectively they achieved great things.

We have seen how powerful alliances directed toward one focus can be during Kindness Week. For all the pioneers……..each pioneer in the journey, regardless of each person’s dream once they reached their final destination in California, they were all in the journey to get there together. They had one another.




9 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 21 -We are Predestined to Achieve Greater Things

  1. What a wonderful blog post!! Mahalo! I’m so grateful for your sharing the photos. When I moved to the Sunshine Coast 15+ years ago, my first harp student introduced me to the SC Spinners & Weavers Guild and they became my “family of choice.” I love them dearly. So, seeing your great grandmother’s spinning wheel and distaff was wonderful to see…and to realize that while I spin (only occasionally just now) as a form of meditation and delight in the colour and texture of the fibre I spin, it was obviously a staple household “machine.” It’s mind boggling to think of how many hours of spinning would be necessary to clothe a family. I found myself looking for her weaving loom 😉 You obviously come to the MKMMA with pioneering blood in your veins! Mahalo for posting this very inspirational blog. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always such kind comments. Thank you so much. Actually, those are photos off the web. My dad does have many photos of his grandparent’s journey, but due to time constraints I had to use the web ones. I love your observations of them. I’m gonna go take a second look now.


  2. Very nice post! I love the way you bring your ancestors into the picture and what they must have went through to manifest their dreams! Then bringing it into what we must go through today to reach our goals! Beautiful example, Boom, right between the eyes with me!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love reading about a part of your personal history. Inspiring.
    and thank you for reminding me about Davene saying: that we are genetically predisposed to achieve greater things because we come from descendants who have achieved greater things……and otherwise we would not be here! It has carried me through too!

    Liked by 1 person

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